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Please attend this SGM, we need some help to continue running YOUR club.
If no help is offered we will be forced to close, something none of us want,
so PLEASE help us, we are a friendly bunch!
If you can't make the meeting but wish to come on board please email us on
Thank you


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(Only fully paid up members to attend please)


Braintree & District Dog Training Association
is a club of like minded people who meet
informally on a weekly basis to share in the pastime of dog training.

Please come in and have a look around.
New members are always welcome and if you'd like to join please see the Information page for all details about how to proceed or come & see us on a Friday evening.

If you are unable to attend your class please call or text us using the phone number given when you first joined. If you do not contact us then you will be charged for the night/s you miss.

Note for first time/new members

If you are coming for the first time to join up or just bringing a puppy along to socialise & have not started actual classes yet then if possible, please try not to arrive before 8pm.
There are young puppies on the floor before this time and they need to concentrate. If you do find yourself arriving before 8pm please be considerate and keep the noise down.
Thank you!



Members - if you are on Facebook, please click the button below to come and join us!






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